Thursday, June 2, 2011


Camera App: 6x6

Additional Apps used:
aTypo Picture - for the typo effect
FilterStorm - to create different layers
Blender - to blend the layers
King Camera - to add a thin border
TouchRetouc -  for minor corrections
A+ Signature - for the copyright watermark

Today my darling wife made a yummyummy Polenta with Zucchini and carrots for lunch. After lunch my eldest daughter had an Espresso, that strong Italian coffee served in tiny cups. I wanted to show her what nice effects one can create using the app "aTypo Picture" so I made a casual shot of her empty plate with the empty Espresso cup using the 6x6 camera app, and I liked the result enough to decide processing it further. The result is the above picture. Not much work, but a whole lot of fun creating it.
"6x6" is a brilliant idea, in my opinion. It makes square shaped and clean shots without any processing. Such clean picture is the perfect base to start from for further processing with other apps.

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