Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Crackled Petunia

Camera App: Hipstamatic
Film: Dali Dream Canvas
Lens: Melodie

Additional Apps used:
Iris PhotoSuite1.4
PS Express
A+ Signature

It's a long way to the top, if you wanna rock 'n roll.... This old AC/DC title, often the song plaid to announce Metallica coming on stage for their shows, came to my mind as I plaid around a lot with many different apps to see what I can do with that photo. After downloading the new RetroPak for the Hipstamatic I was curious to test the new lenses and film and I really liked some of the photos I made of some Petunia on our terrace. I processed it further, created a HDR from a single photo in iCameraHDR, did some tone mapping, blend in a photo of a shattered little glass sphere used for garden decoration, framed the round shaped picture, blend this into the original tone mapped picture... Sadly I did not keep track of all the steps I followed to create this picture but I promise to do such a "How to" with my next picture so others can follow my steps. I'm always eager to share my thinking and discuss my work with the community. 
After sharpening the picture I found it ready for framing. The final frame had been done with ArtCamera. I used the chalked card board frame but did not like the chalk colors cause they did not match the colors in the picture so I created a Grunge version of the picture to obtain a worn card board frame that I then blend in using the "add exposure" option in FilterStorm. In fact this is rather an erasing then a true blending. The original picture with the colored card board frame is placed over the Grunge picture, then the colored card board frame is being erased so the worn card board frame comes out. I love doing that work in FilterStorm because it allows precise work even on the tiny screen of the iPhone. The last (black) part of the final frame had been done in PhotoForge2 and FilterStorm. 

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