Thursday, June 2, 2011

Miss #1481

Camera Apps:  
6x6 - for a clear square format photo
iCameraHDR - for creating a HDR picture from a single photo
KingCamera - for the frame

Additional Apps used:
FilterStorm2 - for masking and blending
Blender - yes the name says it all, for blending
A+ Signature - for the watermark

A few days ago I brought used glass to the recycling containers which stand next to a meadow where seven young milk cows spend their time eating grass for the milk they produce. Curious as a cow can be they soon gathered to take a close look at that strange being making noise with the glass thrown into the container. As I started making photos they became even more curious, coming very close to me. There was a barbed wire and a fence between them and me but they were close enough to touch them. Sometimes I wonder what such animal might be thinking about us humans holding funny things in front of our faces that make funny noises.

I recently discovered the new camera app "KingCamera". Although the name is crap in my opinion I was surprised about the quality of that app. Apart of the photo feature it is also very well suited to edit and frame photos, even those not made with the app itself.

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