Friday, June 24, 2011

Visitor... (at the General George S. Patton Memorial in Ettelbrück, Luxembourg)

Camera App: Hipstamatic
Lens: Melodie
Film: Dream Canvas

Additional Apps used:
SimplyHDR - for tonemapping
Blender - to blend the original photo with the tonemapped layer.
FilterStorm3 - for cropping off the original canvas frame and for adding a 15% solid white frame. This was done to prevent the later added irregular frame to touch the bike's rear view mirror in the upper part of the picture.
PictureShow - to add an irregular frame to the picture.
FilterStorm3 - to warm up the colors a bit. Because all around is green at the Patton Memorial, there had been a lot of green reflections on the bike. I disliked that so I changed to color balance for a warmer tone.
A+Signature - for copyright watermark, as usual.

Yesterday, on my visit at the General George S. Patton Memorial in Ettelbrück, Luxembourg, I also made a few photos of my bike because it is only on bike that I plan to visit all of the US memorials in the country. Right at that place, the odometer showed 2448km, hence 1800miles. In that picture you can see the Sherman tank as well as the obelisk in the background. The huge statue of General Patton was in my back as I made the photo.

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