Monday, June 20, 2011


Camera App: Hipstamatic
Film: Kodot XGrizzled
Lens: Melodie

Additional Apps used:
PhotoFX - pencil #5 effect, both slider set full right for full effect. Pencil layer saved. I created a pencil layer with the intention to enhance outlining of the beautiful blossom leaves.
Blender - original photo blend with pencil layer. Settings Multiply, 100% to the right. Picture saved. Result checked by zooming picture (camera roll).
Blender - to blend the last saved layer with the original photo again. Settings: Multily, 100%. This nicely enhanced contrast and sharpness.
FilterStorm - for a 10% white border to enlarge the original thin border of the Kodot film.
FilterStorm - for a 3% 3dark red border.
FilterStorm - for a 20% white border.
A+ Signature - for the watermark.

After a rain shower I made several photos of Dalia flowers in a pot. First I was playing around a lot with another photo but I never was fully satisfied with the result until I had a closer look at this photo. I had been playing around for hours with the first photo but after deciding it wasn't worth to publish I did this picture within minutes.

Btw: PhotoSync really is a great app to quickly transfer photos back or to iPhone and iPad. Highly recommended!

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