Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mud Bike...

Camera App: iPhone standard app in HDR mode
iPhone Model: 4S

Additional Apps used for processing:

ProHDR - to create an enhanced version of the already saved HDR picture made with the iPhone camera app. I did the ProHDR version from the two photos the iPhone camera app saved.
SimplyHDR - to enhance the HDR picture further.
Photo fx Ultra - for the filters Polarizer, Fog, X-Ray. I did a black&white X-Ray version, not a blue one.
Blender - to blend the different versions I created with Photo fx Ultra.
Camera Awesome - for the frame.
A+Signature - for the copyright watermark.

Spring is finally coming, with more and more days to ride my bike again - yeah! But sometimes it happens you start your day on dry roads, ride to the place you meet your friends, ride up to Ed's High Chapparal bar for a drink, and when you come out the door again you discover it had rained the time you was inside. Because it had rained only slightly we decided to continue our journey nevertheless, but on the way to the old town of Echternach the roads became really wet. I did not rain anymore, but the water spray from our own bikes as well as from the cars on the roads covered us up in mud. Because my feet had already been soaked I did not put on my rain clothes anymore. Having arrived at home with sunset, the mud dried quickly but the bike was still too hot to wash it so I decided to clean it today. But before I started cleaning I made some photos of the dirty gas tank with the Harley Davidson logo on it. Today was really a nice day. Did only a 77.6km ride but that one was really big fun, making me feel really good.