Monday, June 27, 2011

Ready to rumble...

Camera App: iCameraHDR

Additional Apps used:
SimplyHDR - because I accidentally moved the camera too much as I made that photo the second one wasn't usable to create a HDR with the iCameraHDR. So I used SimplyHDR for that purpose.
FilterStorm3 - to turn the picture 90° counterclockwise. Strangely, some camera apps don't turn a photo correctly when saving. Compare iCamerHDR and QuickCam to the standard camera app that came with your iPhone. You'll be amazed.
TouchRetouch - for minor corrections.
PerfectPhoto - to denoise the sky. Because the denoise filter softens the whole picture I saved that result and imported it as a second exposure to the original HDR in...
FilterStorm3 - here I painted over the second exposure to bring back the details in the rest of the picture except but for the sky which I wanted soft. Then I added three borders to create that simple white border with black outline. 10% White + 5% Black + 20% White.
A+Signature - for the copyright watermark.

Yesterdays biking tour with my friend Jean-Pierre lead us to the Belgian towns of Houffalize and La Roche in the Ardennes. In Houffalize we visited the German WWII Panther tank that is on display in the center of the town before we continued to La Roche. The Panther is a remainder of the Battle of the Bulge. It was a warm sunny day with puffy clouds and clear sight for many miles. Just the perfect day for motorbike rides and we weren't the only ones one the road. We met hundreds of bikers in both towns. I made that photo of our Milwaukee tractors on the road to Houffalize as we stopped for a short break. The bikes are pointing into the direction of Houffalize, ready to rumble on again.

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