Saturday, October 1, 2011

Where Generations Walked

Camera Apps: 
BracketMode - for the stairway photos
Lomora2 - for the photo of the building

Additional Apps used:
iCameraHDR - to make an HDR picture from the photos shot with BracketMode. The camera app is very handy if you want to make HDRs but prefer processing the photos later. BracketMode shoots two photos, a light one and a dark one which are automatically saved on the iPhone Camera Roll.
Romantic - for a dreamy effect. Romantic was made bei none less than JixiPix, the makers or the Artista apps.
PicGrunger - for the frame and a minimal grunge effect.
TouchRetouch - for slight retouching. I only removed two little white spots up left in the picture plus a very dark stroke on the lower right corner of the frame with it.
PhotoForge - to create a high pass effect on the picture for sharpening.
Blender - to blend the high pass picture with the normal picture which nicely enhanced sharpness and clearance but reduced the dreamy effect a little. You now maybe ask why I sharpened the picture after I added the frame. Well, this is a matter of personal taste indeed. You may do as you like. I usually finish a picture before I put it in a frame, but in this case I thought it could be nice to have the structure of the frame also enhanced, and for that reason I applied my sharpness trick after I finished the picture. There are frames the effect will do well but there are sure other frames where it won't work. Just try it out and use what you like.
A+Signature - for the copyright watermark

Yesterday I was at work early so I took a little time strolling over the ground of the old railroad yard to make some photos because soon the old buildings will be flattened to make room for the expansion of the new maintenance center. The stairs in this picture are in the old building that still holds the locker rooms of locomotive engineers and maintenance crews as well as offices, a conference room, bedrooms for the foreign engineers who once used to spend the night there, and there's even a kitchen. Also in this building is our old reserve room where we spend our reserve time, meaning the shifts setup to have personnel in reserve for the case a colleague reports sick, or other irregularities in the organisation of rail traffic required additional help.

Somebody once gave the name "Hotel Simon" to the building. "Hotel" maybe because it once hosted our foreign colleagues when they had to spend the night abroad to respect their resting times. And "Simon" maybe because this is the name of a very popular breweries in the country. Who ever knows, I don't. On the Lomora photo you can see the building, with the old roundhouse in the back ground. The warning sign translates as "Danger, the pedestrian crosses the tracks on his own risk and responsibility".

My main picture shows the stairway that leads from the old reserve room down to the court. Standing there yesterday I was wondering how many engineers walked that way down when they had been called for some special task while they had been on reserve duty? It must have been quite some generations since WWII ended and everything had been rebuild. I too was one of these guys. For that I gave my picture the title "Where Generations Walked".

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