Monday, October 3, 2011

All Gone

Camera App: BracketMode
Extras: Ollo Clip 3in1 lens system - wide angle lens used.

Additional Apps used:

iCameraHDR - to create a HDR picture from the shots made with BracketMode.
Camera+ - to apply the "clarity" filter which greatly enhanced the picture. With many thanks to Harry Sandler for this very useful tip.
DramaticB&W - to create a b&w version of my picture. I created  two versions - one where I used the preset style "Infrared4" and one where I used the style "Dramatic2". I played around a bit the the color filters until I had the look that I liked. I also set grain to zero because the pictures came out already grainy after the creation of the HDR. 
Blender - I wasn't completely satisfied with neither b&w version, the infrared version being a bit too bright and the dramatic version being too dark so I decided to load them both into Blender and see what I can do with it. Blending them in overlay mode with a 50:50 slider setting finally gave me the result I was looking after.
Iris - to crop and resize the picture.
TouchRetouch - to remove a litte white spot.
FilterStorm - to create a nice white frame with a thin black line in it. FilterStorm had the great advantage to add an outlining shadow to a frame, which can be adjusted. Standard setting is light gray but I set it to a very dark grey. I applied a 10% white frame first, then added a 5% black frame before I finally added a15% white frame again. Because of the added outlines the frame looks very nice to me.
A+Signature - to add my copyright watermark.

Yesterday I started working in the late afternoon as the sun was already low and bright. Because I still had time before departure of my first train to drive on that day I took my chance to make some photos inside of the now empty roundhouse #1 of the old railroad yard in Luxembourg. I still don't know when the demolition team will come to break this all down but I sincerely hope to get a chance to photograph the sad event. Below is the first picture that I created. The procedure was about the same as the one describing the making of the b&w picture with the only difference that I did not use DramticB&W and Blender on this one.


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