Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Beauty of Decay, Part 2.

Camera Apps: 
Hipstamatic - for the b/w pictures in the photo slide. Lens: Melodie, Film: A0 DLX

Additional Apps used:
iCameraHDR - for the HDR pictures in color.
PerfectlyClear - to enhance the previouly created HDR picture.
MonoPhix - for a b/w versions of the HDR picture.
Blender - to blend a lot! Again I must say that I did not keep track of the different steps for there had been too many. As usual I created b/w versions to blend with color versions to obtain better contrast and richer colors and I also used Blender to sharpen the final pictures a bit by application of my technique to create a high pass version in PhotoForge, then blend it with the normal version in Blender with mode set to Overlay. In case of this picture I always set the slider to 50/50, hence in the middle.

Snapseed - to create the inner black frame as well as for adding some Drama effect.
PhotoShop Express - to create the outer black frame.
FilterStorm3 - to erase the color from the frame.
TouchRetouch - for minor touch-ups.
EasyMerge - to quickly create a photo slide with four Hipstamaticphotos of the old steam engine.
As usual I added my copyright watermark in A+Signature.

Some more pictures of the old steam engine 5621. In the meantime I received some interesting information about the engine via the Face Book page "Lëtzebuerger Eisebunnsfrënn" (railroad friends Luxembourg). So I learned that 5621 was bought from the Austrian National Railroad Company OEBB in 1978 to run it as a museum engine for tourist attraction but the general management of our railroad company wasn't much positive about the project so it ran on museum tracks in Mariembourg in Belgium (1980) and later in Losheim (Germany) from 1982-1984 In 1984 it was transferred back to Luxembourg where restoration work started but due to a lack of funds got stopped again as the engine was already very much disassembled. It's original number was OEBB 52.3504 but it received the number 5621 to run in Luxembourg. More to come - stay tuned!

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