Friday, May 27, 2011

Wheels of Steel

Camera App: iCameraHDR

Additional Apps used:
PhotoForge 2
Pic Grunger
A+ Signature

I always wanted to make a picture of the many axles and wheels kept in store at the railroad repair and maintenance workshops in Petingen, where I come along often when I'm on the rails, driving trains. Yesterday was the day for it. I had to park my train at a side track close to the place where the reserve wheels for freight cars are stored so I jumped off my train to make a whole lot of photos from all angles until I had to take another train to Rodange. I made the photos with iCameraHDR. What I really love about that app is that it can save a set of photos for later processing. That way one doesn't need to wait until the HDR picture is ready which saves a lot of time.
Later, as I had the time for it, I created the HDR picture which I then processed with PhotoForge 2 to optimize it. I added a frame in Pic Grunger, and liked the result as a photo, but still I wasn't satisfied with it because it looked like an ordinary photograph - just boring.
But a new day often brings a new idea and after breakfast on this morning I had the idea to create a drawing layer in ArtistaSketch to blend it with the previously made picture and I really liked the result. I then blend the layers in Blender, using normal blend settings with standard 50% blending. I used TouchRetouch only for minor corrections. A+ Signature to add my copyright watermark.

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  1. I Like th ework you are doing Gaston - hope to meet you one day...