Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Restoration in progress...

Camera App: ProHDR - for the initial HDR picture
Additional Apps used:

PictureShow - to create a b/w version with strong contrast.
FilterStorm - to create a tone mapped version.
Blender - to blend the tone mapped and b/w pictures 50/50 normal mode
PicGrunger - for the dirty frame
A+ Signature - to add a copyright watermark.

Engine 3608 is a French type build in 1957 that my company operated for more than 40 years. We had 20 engines of that type. 3608 will be last one of it's type to run as a museum engine on tourist trains. As far as I currently know it will be restored to it's initial look from the 1950's as the type got delivered, still wearing the four headlights on it's front ends. Later this got modified to only the two headlights so lower and bigger headlights remained.

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