Friday, May 6, 2011

The Living Mask

Camera App: Hipstamatic
Lens for the mask photo: Helga Viking
Film for the mask photo: Cano Cafenol
Lens for the tree photo: Roboto Glitter
Film for the tree photo: Alfred Infrared
Lens for the eyes photo: Helga Viking
Film for the eyes photo: Cano Cafenol

Addtional Apps used:
FilterStorm 2
Iris Photo Suite
A+ Signature

The mask is a Venetian Carnival mask that hangs on the wall in our kitchen. The tree photo that had been used to blend the mask photo which was taken from underneath a tree to picture its branches, but not much remained visible of it after using the beautiful texture of he flaked off paint in iDarkRoom. The eyes had been taken from a self-portrait of mine that I made a few weeks ago. I would have preferred to use female eyes here but I had no other eyes at my disposal as I worked on this picture. The picture had been put together in Layers and blend in Iris. TouchRetouch and PhotoForge had been used to do minor corrections mainly around the eyes.
This picture was a test to practice how I can compose a picture on the iPhone using parts from different photos. It's still far from being perfect but I learned a lot as I made it and I enjoyed every step as I saw it developing on my little iPhone screen.

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