Sunday, May 1, 2011

Midnight Tulip

As I saw the only Tulip currently growing in a pot on our terrace and heavily inspired by the beautiful work of Teri Lou Dantzler I dared to start a practicing project. There are thousands of miles of distance between Teri and me so I cannot easily participate in one of her classes, but studying her work closely I can learn from her nevertheless. This picture is the outcome of it. It is based on a normal Hipstamatic photo made with the Blanco Film and the Helga Viking lens to obtain a clean photo not influenced by too many added effects. My wife told me the Tulip is not one of the regular Tulips with the typical rounded calyx. This Tulip has rather jagged leaves that are not holding well together as the calyx was blown open by the wind. I made quite a lot of photos of the flower and liked this one the most. The original color of the Tulip is a dark pinkish Red and the center is pale yellow. But playing around with different settings I end up with a nice Blue that I really liked.

Camera App: Hipstamatic
Lens: Helga Viking
Film: Blanco

Additional Apps used:
Filterstorm 2
Iris PhotoSuite 1.4

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