Friday, May 13, 2011

Walk over, and see...

Camera Apps:
Lomora 2 - for the photo of the bridge as well as for the sky photo
Hipstamatic - for the texture photo of a horse skin. Lens: Helga Viking - Film: Blanco

Additional Apps used:
FilterStorm 2
PS Express
A+ Signature

A few days ago I went to the ruins of Castle Useldange which is only about two miles from my home. I also made some photos of this foot bridge that goes over the little creek called Attert, which runs behind the castle, separating the village of Useldange in two parts. The stone bridge for the cars is at about 200 yards to the right from this place. The foot bridge ends in the green, where people can walk and where each year a medieval market is being held as well as the re-enactment of a knight's tournament.
I made some photos with the Lomora 2 camera app which I love almost as much as I love the Hipstamatic for the beautiful Lomo effects it's creating. Later that day as I was at the stables again with my daughter I watched her cleaning her horse Billie's skin with a wet cloth to take the dust off after she brushed it. The horse looked really neat so I took some photos of Billie's hair, thinking it could serve me for texture. As I worked on my picture in the evening I soon realized what good idea I had to make horse skin photos. I really loved the effect it created. But despite the nice and streaky effect of the skin texture the sky still looked too blank for me in the original bridge photo so I took a Lomo photo of a landscape that I had made the same day. Unfortunately the dark hedges in the middle of the photo had a negative effect on blending so I removed the hedges with TouchRetouch to have only sky and mowed meadow left. I blend the layers, enhanced colors and dynamic range a bit in Dynamic Light, added a nice grunge effect in VintageScene, used FilterStorm2 to de-vignette the picture, the PS Express to add that black ink frame and PictureShow to add a white frame, PicGrunger for a worn frame look by application of the wooden texture, and A+ Signature to add my copyright watermark. I did several versions of this picture but in the end I liked this one the most.

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