Saturday, September 24, 2011

Old Beauty

Camera: Canon EOS40D 
Lens: 17-85mm EF USM Kit lens

Apps used:
Squaready - to cut a square format out of the original photo. Squaready is very handy for that cause it allows saving the new picture in 2048x2048px as well as to transfer it directly to Instagram, Gyrocropper or other apps.
PicGrunger - to give the original b/w picture a worn look.
Instagram - to add the "Rise" effect.

Playing around a bit with Instamatic I end up with this. The picture is based on a high contrast b/w photo that I made with my Canon already two years ago. The beautifully restored old Castle of Vianden stands on a hill surrounded by the picturesque little town of Vianden. It can be visited and every year in August there is a medieval week with a medieval market and re-enactment of sword fights and such. In October there is the walnut market, another attraction about everything one can do with the walnuts growing on trees around town. There you can buy walnut bread, cookies, cake, pâté, sausages, hard liquor, sweet liquor for the ladies, and more. Then the narrow cobblestone streets are overcrowded with people coming from all directions, even from the Netherlands and the neighbor countries. The castle can also be visited inside indeed.

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