Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cleaning the Roof... (and other Macro photos made with the iPhone)

Camera App: 645 pro + Ollo Clip Macro Lens (for this picture as well as for all the other)

Additional Apps used (for the main picture):
Photo fx Ultra - for slight cropping.
iPhoto - for sharpening of the snail's eye.
Photo fx Ultra again - for manually re-drawing lines to add sharpness to the eye's outlines.
TouchRetouch HD - for some touchups
PhotoForge2 - for slight sharpening + a high pass effect which had been saved as a new picture.
Blender - to blend the high pass version with the previous version to enhance sharpness and contrast. Setting was 100%
ArtistaSketch - to create a pencil drawn sketch with nice outlines because outlining is important to improve sharpness as well as to add the drawing effect.
Blender again - to blend the previous version with the Artista version in Overlay mode, which made it a very nice drawing. Setting 50/50.
TouchRetouch HD again - because I discovered some more spots that I wanted to remove from the picture.
Blender again - to blend the last version with the ArtistaSketch version again, but this time I set the slider only to 20%. You gotta play around with the slider. Stop where you like the effect the most. Move back an forth to see the differences of the effect.
Camera+ - for the Vintage frame. I love the old paper frame for Macro photos!
A+Signature - for the hand signature.

Since the new 645pro App became available I became even more fascinated of macro photography because the image quality of this app is really outstanding, compared to other apps. The 645pro had been made for Pro's they say, or for ambitious hobby photographers. It's a bit more complicated to handle than simple point and click apps but it rewards its user with an image quality not matched by other apps. You can save your photos in lossless JPG (wich lets your files grow up to 12Mb) and you can save them in RAW format, or to be more correct, you can save them in dRAW TIFF format, which means "developed RAWs" are saved in lossless TIFF format. But the TIFFs are saved in a dedicated memory space which is only accessible via iTunes. If you want to process your TIFFs you gotta transfer them to your computer first, then re-transfer them to your iPhone or iPad for processing. This might be a bit annoying, but it's worth the effort.

Even after the latest update, working with the 645pro is very energy consuming so I highly recommend you to have an external battery pack at your disposal or you'll soon run out of power. I use a Mophie Juice pack with 2000mAh, but there are others available with even more power.

The Ollo Clip is one of the greatest accessories ever made for the iPhone. With an outstanding app like the 645pro this outstanding accessory becomes even better. I really enjoy doing macro photos with the 645pro + Ollo Clip. Here are some more examples of my latest pictures:

Dandelion, after the morning rain...

Honey Bee...


Diggin' for Gold?

Beware! (an angry little crab spider in defensive position)

Hey bro, did you eat my greenfly?



Old Sparky

The Instagram versions (1:1 square format) of my pictures can now be purchased from my gallery at, printed on real canvas!


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  1. Stunning macros Gaston! When are you coming to the states to visit? I have space for guests! You could teach us a lot about shooting macros in my garden... lots of flowers and bugs most of the time. I may just have to try using 645pro again... it is too complicated for me to use in a hurry and I'm almost always in a hurry!

    By the way, I already have the Fast Camera app and had never thought of using it to take bug pictures.. Brilliant!!!