Monday, April 25, 2011

"A+ Signature" App Review

Like many other people I used "Impression" to add a watermark to my photos until this day. "Impression" is a handy little tool but what always bothered me was the fact that I only can add printed fonts to my picture. There is no landscape mode and it was quite a bit tricky to place the resized tiny little signature at the correct place in the picture. But I now discovered a nice little app that provides me just what I need to sign my digital artwork with my personal handwritten signature. It's called "A+ Signature". The link provided should bring you directly to the App in the iTunes Appstore. You can test it in a light version which is for free indeed. It convinced me fully so I bought the full version. 

Official description:
A+ Signature is a multi-usage photo annotation tool which allows you to make your marks on any photo.
  • Add a signature, a simple watermark or create a fun photocard. The choice is yours!
  • Annotate pictures of friends reunions, family parties, weddings, classmates or meetings.
  • Add any autograph to your photo.

What convinced me of "A+ Signature" is that it never was easier to handwrite or draw anything you want to add to a picture as well as to turn and resize it easily just the way you want it to. Unlike in "Impression", you don't need to pinch the tiny text between your fingers to resize it. In "A+ Signature" you may pinch anywhere on screen to resize the selected object which makes resizing much easier. Also great is the fact that you may add as many objects as you want. You can turn any object, change its properties to adapt opacity, color or stroke width or add even a shadow to it. And you may also delete any object again indeed.


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  1. Sounds like they upgraded this quite a bit since I last took a look at it. I will be trying it out again. Thanks Gaston!