Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lens: Chunky
Film: Alfred Infrared

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Additional Apps used
ArtistaHaiku - for the ink. Style: Abstract #5, Paper: the last one on the grid, Settings: all sliders to the full right except but for the ink outline slider set at about 75%.
Paint it! Now - for the first oil. This was just a test to see how the ink picture would look like if overpainted with oil. The result didn't satisfy me completely but I kept it nevertheless.
Iris Photo Suite - to blend the ink layer with the oil layer as well as to adjust the size of the ink layer which was limited to 1000x1000 by Paint it! Now. Method used: Overlay. 
ArtistaOil - for the second oil, Paint Style: Oil Landscape #2, Canvas #5, Texture 0%. I set the texture at 0% because I wanted to apply the burlap texture provided by Pic Grunger.
Pic Grunger - to add the burlap texture. Effect settings at 0%, Canvas at 100%, Style: Block Party, Only with the Block Party style there is no color influence on the rest of the picture, especially the white border.
Filter Storm - to enhance colors and to add two frames, one thin black frame and one larger white frame.
To add my own handwritten signature I used Adobe PhotoShop CS5 because I think it looks better than an ordinary watermark made with Impression.

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