Friday, July 1, 2011

Two Friends

Camera App: iCameraHDR

Additional Apps used:
iCameraHDR - using it a second time to create a tonemapped b/w version of the first HDR picture.
Blender - to blend the color HDR with the b/w HDR, 50/50, normal mode. This was done to obtain a less saturated HDR picture.
FilterStorm3 - to crop a square shaped picture from the original rectangular photo. I really love the 1:1 format.
VintageScene - to create a grunge picture using canvas #7 (paper). Image Age set to full left - Fade Out, Image Strength and Texture Strength set to full right, no border.
FilterStorm3 - now the most delicate work on this picture started. I opened the grunge layer saved in VintageScene, then added the 50% desaturated layer from Blender as a second exposure. I now carefully erased the bikes from the grunge layer to bring them out in color over the grunge background. I love FilterStorm for that job because it allows very precise work even on the tiny screen of an iPhone. The only disadvantage I see is that one cannot save the file with the layers to get back to it later if one had no time to complete the work in one time. After I was satisfied with the result I applied the filter and saved the resulting picture. I then created a 20% white border on it and saved it again.
Pic Grunger - to give my picture an aged grunge look. Settings: Effects: aged - Style: after hours - Strength - slider to full left (0) - Texture: original.
TouchRetouch - for minor corrections.
A+Signature - for copyright watermark.

This picture is based on one of the photos that I made of my friend Jean-Pierre's converted Fat Boy and my Fat Bob during a break on last Sunday's ride through the Belgian Ardennes. I really enjoyed creating it.

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  1. Nice work Gaston.....good things going on around your site...